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The abolition of the statute of limitation for sexual assault offences

The Court ruled that there should no longer be a restriction of the 20 year period in order to pursue a claim for sexual assault. 

This application was based on the case of the deceased philanthropist and established stockbroker, Sidney Frankel. 

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Mining Sector shock - Every BEE ownership deal must be restructured

DMR Minister Mosebenzi Zwane shocked the Mining Sector last week with the publication of a radical new Mining Charter, implementation thereof with immediate effect.

As a result hereof, Mining companies’ stocks fell sharply within mere hours after Zwane’s announcement.

Radical changes were promulgated, changes which were not discussed or made known to the Chamber of Mines – who present 90% of the industry - and as can be expected, the Chamber is upset with these radical and unilateral changes implemented.  

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What you need to know about Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax, “CGT”, is a tax imposed on the capital gains for a year of assessment in respect of an asset disposed of, included in the taxpayer’s taxable income for the year of assessment which is then in question.

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The Law regulating Surrogacy Agreements in South Africa

A ‘surrogate mother’ is defined in the Children’s Act 38 of 2005 as an adult woman who enters into a surrogate motherhood agreement.

Such an agreement is entered into between the surrogate mother and the commissioning parents or parent.

The agreement states that the surrogate mother will be artificially fertilised for the purpose of bearing the child for the commissioning parents or parent.

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The Consumer Protection Act and its Effect on Lease Agreements

The enactment of the new Consumer Protection Act No. 68 of 2008 (CPA) introduces some far reaching changes to lease agreements for immovable property. Specifically for ordinary people, the changes affect the maximum duration of a lease agreement and grant the parties certain rights of cancellation.

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The role of the Conveyancer in South Africa

The word conveyancing is used to describe the administrative and legal procedures necessary to transfer ownership (and other rights) in immovable property from one person to another.  

In terms of the laws in South Africa immovable property (vacant land, houses, flats, farms, buildings) can be privately owned.  Thousands of property transactions take place in our country every day.  

A conveyancer is a practising attorney who specialises in the preparation of deeds and documents which by law or custom are registerable in a deeds registry.  

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Property Report addresses the state of the PE market

The attached presentation is an overview of the property market in South Africa with specific reference to the Port Elizabeth market as well.

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New National Minimum Wage effective in 2018

The Department of Labour is in the process of presenting information sessions around the country in order to inform Employers of a National Minimum Wage which will become effective as from 1 May 2018.

A National minimum wage of R20.00 per hour, across all sectors and for all employees, was accepted by all stakeholders, regardless of job title or area.  

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Major victory for property owners in rates clearance certificate debacle

In a recent matter in The Supreme Court of Appeal of South Africa, Greyvensteins Incorporated, acting on behalf of a local Port Elizabeth property owner, appealed the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality Rates rates clearance certificate policy and won the case.

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Rebates should stimulate Commercial Property Development

Time for Port Elizabeth's 'sleeping giant' to wake up to UDZ rebates

Port Elizabeth’s Central area is ripe for the kind of inner city upgrading so visible in Cape Town and Durban. 

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