Ithemba Lam

Ithemba Lam, meaning “My Hope” is a baby home which opened in September 2009 with three siblings – a brother and two sisters.

The home is a temporary safe-haven for abandoned, orphaned, abused or neglected babies, and those that are either affected by, or infected with HIV/AIDS.

They are given a home by Ithemba Lam until they are adopted into a permanent family, placed in a foster home, or reunited with their biological family.

The home accommodates up to six babies at a time and is staffed by a team of well trained and loving caregivers assisted by volunteers.

Ithemba Lam has acquired a second house which will serve as a foster home for children that need a permanent home to live in, allowing six more children to grow up in the Ithemba Lam family until they are at least 18 years of age.

When babies are removed from a threatening environment they are placed in the care of Ithemba Lam.

The aim of the NGO is to provide a loving and caring environment for these babies to live in.

To date there have been seven successful adoptions and a number of children have been placed in foster care. Regular visits and fun days with well wishers help to keep the children entertained and stimulated. The home’s main challenge is funding.

The babies stay with Ithemba Lam for approximately four months and the haven works together with various organisations like the Department of Social Development and Childline.

First-ever Fun Day for Lake Farm Centre


“When I merged Ian Olivier Properties with the Pam Golding operation, I committed to giving back to the community,” Ian Olivier explains.

“I was therefore delighted to accept Greyvensteins’ invitation to participate in their Givers Gain Campaign, which will allow us to raise much-needed funds for Lake Farm Centre by supporting their workshops and organising sponsors for various materials.”

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Lending a helping hand to the less fortunate – Givers Gain Campaign


According to Lake Farm Centre PRO Conrad Steyn, every resident is a valued member of the group, which lives and works together harmoniously. 

“The more able help the weak and we are privileged to belong to this community with its capacity for tolerance, support and love.  Unfortunately, by worldly standards, these priceless qualities do not translate into money.”

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