Lake Farm Centre

Lake Farm Centre has been involved in the care and training of the intellectually disabled since 1959.

The centre, which has boarding facilities, was started as a school for mentally disabled children.

In 1979 Lake Farm Centre Adult Care was founded as a residential facility with protective workshops.

Here involvement in work-skills i.e. farming, baking, hydroponics, pottery, spinning and weaving, home industries, gardening and building maintenance, is encouraged.

Set in the rural Kragga Kamma area 15km from Port Elizabeth, Lake Farm Centre offers a tranquil and picturesque environment that provides a permanent home for 90 mentally challenged adults.

It is a residential facility caring for intellectually disabled adults who all live in home units and work in protective workshops.

Residents range in age from 20 to 75. While some still have families to contribute financially to their support, many are orphaned and are entirely dependent on the centre for their personal needs.

Training is given in a number of crafts and occupations both for its therapeutic value as well as to create much needed income.

These include: woodwork; spinning and weaving; embroidery; farming; hydroponic vegetable growing; pottery; recycling and home Industries which includes baking.

Fresh farm produce and many of the articles made by the residents in the centre’s workshops are on sale in their craft shop which, together with their coffee shop, is a favourite destination for the people of Port Elizabeth.

First-ever Fun Day for Lake Farm Centre


“When I merged Ian Olivier Properties with the Pam Golding operation, I committed to giving back to the community,” Ian Olivier explains.

“I was therefore delighted to accept Greyvensteins’ invitation to participate in their Givers Gain Campaign, which will allow us to raise much-needed funds for Lake Farm Centre by supporting their workshops and organising sponsors for various materials.”

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Lake Farm Centre - Fun Day