Yokhuselo Haven for domestic violence

Yokhuselo Haven is the Umbrella name for two shelters dedicated to women and their children affected by domestic violence.

In 2014 Prospect Hill Crisis Centre will close and will merge with Yokhuselo Haven to provide specialist care to victims of violence.

Yokhuselo Haven was established in 1988 due to the appalling statistics in Domestic/Family abuse in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

At that time, Port Elizabeth did not have any shelters to assist women and their children, so a group of concerned people recognised that a safe house was needed.

Yokhuselo Haven’s founding members where Mr & Mrs Daryl Burman, Dr Lorna Brown and over the years they have continued to serve on the Board and Management Committee.

2013 was the 25th Anniversary of Yokhuselo Haven, which is quite a testament to the running and the ongoing good practice of this Organisation, and the excellent way in which the Shelters are run and managed.

Over the years Yokhuselo has received awards, and have been recognised as a leader in the way shelters are run due to the many years of experience in Port Elizabeth.

Continual publicity and PR, endeavours to make the shelters established in the minds of the community of P.E and relevant to those that require a place of safety when needed.

As well as assisting women and their children, the Organisation endeavours to educate other organisations NGO’s and victim support centres on Domestic Violence, and how to address and assist victims and their families.

This is very innovative as Yokhuselo is helping other NGO’s to help women in a professional correct manner, all trainers offer their services free and the training covers basic counselling skills, Law and women’s rights, Self-defence, First Aid and Police & Court procedures.

All courses are free to as many NGO’s and Victim support centres and the police who wish to attend. Many police officers attend the training, which is held at Yokhuselo once a month.

In 2014 a range of training and empowerment courses will be established, to assist clients as well as women in the community in and around Port Elizabeth, covering:

  • Catering,
  • Bookkeeping,
  • Basic Computer skills,
  • Interview skills,
  • Sewing and
  • Entrepreneurial Skills.


First-ever Fun Day for Lake Farm Centre


“When I merged Ian Olivier Properties with the Pam Golding operation, I committed to giving back to the community,” Ian Olivier explains.

“I was therefore delighted to accept Greyvensteins’ invitation to participate in their Givers Gain Campaign, which will allow us to raise much-needed funds for Lake Farm Centre by supporting their workshops and organising sponsors for various materials.”

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Lending a helping hand to the less fortunate – Givers Gain Campaign


According to Lake Farm Centre PRO Conrad Steyn, every resident is a valued member of the group, which lives and works together harmoniously. 

“The more able help the weak and we are privileged to belong to this community with its capacity for tolerance, support and love.  Unfortunately, by worldly standards, these priceless qualities do not translate into money.”

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