Insurance Law

At Greyvensteins Incorporated we provide insurance expertise in all departments of insurance law.

Insurance dispute resolution

With insurance disputes we specialise in resolving disputes, to provide the best possible outcome to our client. Our department has years of experience in the department, our aim is to resolve insurance disputes as effectively as possible.

Medical Insurance Claims

We provide legal services for medical insurance claims. Claims that are based on claims for health policies, disability policies or medical malpractice where there is a claim for against the insurance.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance to protect the professional service and professional advice providing companies or individuals. We provide legal service in resolving Professional Indemnity Insurance disputes.

Capital Insurance

Capital Insurance is non-indemnity insurance, where the insurer pays a monthly instalment towards a policy that will in pay out in event of a certain requirement. In the case of a capital insurance dispute we provide legal service in resolving such disputes.

Checked your life insurance recently? Find out why you should!


Life changes happen regularly and unannounced and often one is so preoccupied with surviving these changes that you forget the long-term implications they can have.

One oft neglected item, is the regular reviewing of the beneficiaries of your life insurance policy, particularly after a life changing event such as death, divorce or birth has occurred.

The insurance policy, intended to protect and support the future of family and dependents, may, because of neglect in this regard, result in unanticipated and even unwanted consequences for your family and dependents after you are gone and unable to ‘correct’ the mistake.

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