Work for us

At our firm, we place emphasis on caring for and valuing our staff complement, some of whom have been in our employ for over 35 years. Our staff forms an integral part of the inner workings of the firm whose contribution differentiates us from our competitors and makes us a sought after legal service provider in our community.

Greyvensteins Inc. is a leading South African law firm. We provide specialist legal services in the fields of conveyancing, financing, commercial contracts and litigation, family law and dispute resolution.

With three offices in South Africa and over 20 specialised lawyers, we are differentiated by our ability to stay up-to-date and to transform in an ever-changing business environment.

Candidate Attorneys

We pride ourselves on our excellent candidate attorneys programme. By working closely with the directors, the candidate attorneys are trained in an environment of growth and opportunity. With the foresight that each candidate attorney is at the inception of their legal career, the work assigned is both challenging and rewarding.

Candidate attorneys are afforded the opportunity to engage with clients, both in and out of the office environment, helping to forge strong, professional relationships and teaching them the necessary skills of networking.

The distinct presence of our firm in the community outreach sphere teaches our candidate attorneys about social responsibility and how to incorporate this into a working environment.

If you have not yet completed your studies, we suggest that you apply for vacation work with us. This is highly beneficial as students are shown the practical side to their studies which helps better prepare them for the working environment.


We cultivate our candidate attorneys so that they can progress through the ranks and be retained after completing their articles as professional assistants and associates.

However, sometimes an individual who has not risen through our internal candidate attorney programme may be perfectly suited to work with us.

If you believe that you are suited to be employed as a professional at Greyvensteins Inc., you can contact us by sending your current curriculum vitae and cover letter to Moya Rossouw at

Training and Development

We see ourselves as leaders in our field. In order to maintain our standards, we have to keep improving ourselves. Training our staff is central to providing clients with service excellence.

Training and development does not only comprise of tertiary studies. It includes developing vital soft skills, computer literacy and client service skills to ensure that we maintain our standards of excellence. With access to extensive online soft skills courses, continuing internal training and coaching, and regular compliance and standards training, we believe that we equip our professional and support staff to meet our service standards and enjoy the work they do.

An added bonus of our firm is encouraging a feeling of confidence and being equipped to meet the daily demands of a fast-moving law firm amongst our staff.