Greyvensteins Attorneys have a wealth of experience in property law and commercial law. Our understanding of corporate entities and their legal traits enables us to play a key role in complex deals to finance corporate and industrial properties.

Our services include:

  • We ensure that real estate financiers and their interests are safeguarded when providing acquisition, development, term or restructuring finance to real estate investors, developers or real estate funds.
  • Our services include drafting and settling the full suite of loan and security documentation, auditing underlying sale agreements relevant to the venture being financed, attending to the registration of all registrable securities (whether notarial or mortgage bonds) and monitoring the fulfilment of advance pre-conditions.
  • We also represent the interests of borrowers seeking acquisition, development, term or restructure finance and guide them through the negotiation and execution of the applicable financing and security documents in a way that they can commit with full knowledge of the liabilities they are assuming.

Greyvensteins attorneys and notaries manage property acquisitions, development and finance. We safeguard the interests of various stakeholders and ensure the best outcomes. Our offices are in Port Elizabeth, Cape own and Johannesburg.

Our Team

Alan Els

Liesel Greyvenstein

Rohan Greyvenstein

Henno Nöthnagel

Theresa Oosthuizen