What is litigation?

The commercial landscape of South Africa is governed by professional regulations and commercial law. Unfortunately, there are still individuals and companies that fail to play by the rules. Complex deals mixed with human nature and changing economic circumstances all contribute to commercial disagreements. Greyvensteins Incorporated has a team of expert business lawyers that will protect and enforce your legal rights.

Greyvensteins litigators your business its due protection and seek full resolution of civil disputed.

  • Our first service is to advise you on the merits of your case and decide what type of legal action to take.
  • We provide legal representation in action and application procedures and have a strong network of specialists and advocates to call upon when the need arises.
  • Our litigating attorneys prepare all court documents and manage the matter until the conclusion.
  • We lodge appeals and review applications.

Our areas of expertise include

What does it cost to sue someone in South Africa?

Litigation is not as costly as arbitrations, however, it takes a longer time to conclude legal matters through the courts. The costs involved include

  • Consultation with your attorney which is charged at an hourly rate
  • Drafting of court documents is charged either per time spent drafting or by each document drafted.
  • Correspondence includes all communication such as calls, emails and registered mail sent while managing your matter. Correspondence attorney fees can also come up if your attorney is not located in the jurisdiction under which your matter falls. Greyvensteins Incorporated has offices in Gqeberha, Cape Town and Johannesburg, you can speak to one of our litigation specialists in these cities.
  • Sheriff Fees for the issuance of summons and notices such as warrants and court orders.
  • Travel costs to cover the service and filing of pleadings, going to court for your matter, consultations and out-of-office pre-trial conferences.
  • Advocates, if brought in, charge for court appearances, drafting, consultations and travel costs.

Our Team

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