Who needs Estate Planning?

Anyone with loved ones that may need to be protected and provided for after their death needs to consult an Estate Planning attorney. Estate Planning is crucial if you are married, have been married multiple times, have children from different relationships or support people financially. Estate planning will allow the protection of your loved ones from legal hassles and financial uncertainty after your death.

Greyvensteins Incorporated has planning specialists to help you with estate planning and fiduciary services regarding family trusts and deceased estates which offer financial security to dependants and family members after death.

Our estate planning services include advice on planning, taxation, independent trusteeship, trust fiduciary services, and drafting of related planning documentation and agreements.
Protect the legacy you have worked so hard to create. Contact Greyvensteins Incorporated for tailor-made solutions for structuring your business interests correctly, drawing up a will, filing all necessary documentation and thoughtful planning.

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